Circumstances when Severe Delays Can Be Avoided by the Airline

If you are ready to hop on the airplane then find yourself stuck because they airline got a delay, then you should know whether it is the airline’s fault or not. If it is the airline’s fault, then you can receive compensation for all the trouble that you had to go through. You should not let anyone waste your time or money, so here are a few tips to help you learn what circumstances there are when severe delays can get avoided by the airline.


Weather conditions

Weather conditions can be a tricky one, because there are a lot of factors that can get into it. A few exceptions can easily make it the airline’s fault, or it might not be one. Someone may have to review your request for compensation first by checking if the weather conditions at the time were extreme enough to get your flight delayed. However, if the weather’s current conditions were permissive, you might get the compensation that you need for losing all those hours. If you are not sure, you can ask for help from excellent places like

Knock-on Effects

If you experienced knock-on effects, then you might get flight compensation for the delays that you had to manage. For instance, if there was an airplane that arrived late because of bad weather, which caused the next one to depart later and so on and so forth, it can be a flight delay. If you noticed that a delayed flight made yours get delayed or cancelled, then you may try to get compensation for it.


Overbooking is a problem that is the airline made, therefore you can ask the airline for compensation. If you were not allowed on the airline because they overbooked it even if you have a ticket, then you have more than enough right to demand for compensation. Be sure to exert your rights and ask them to refund you immediately or book you another flight. If not, you can always create a compensation letter request to help you get your funds back and potentially more.

Baggage issues

If you have been to the airport and realize that they damaged, lost or got a delay with your luggage, then you can get compensation. Dealing with luggage may sound easy enough, but it can take a long time to simply get your belongings back to you, which is definitely a big problem when you are going to a new place. The airline should compensate you as soon as possible for this trouble and refund you for whatever you spent for necessities while your luggage was missing.

A lot of people do not realize that they have rights when they are going to the airport. Be sure you read up about the situations above to know whether you can ask the airline for compensation or not. You should not let yourself suffer because of someone else’s mistakes, be sure to get what you need right away by getting compensation from the airline.